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Pills like the Movie Limitless!

19 October 2020


Pills like the Movie Limitless!


By Erik Bredemeyer


Does an NZT 48 Pill Really Exist? Is it a Nootropic?


The film Limitless with Bradley Cooper centers around the inhuman abilities his character (Eddie Morra) is granted after taking the mysterious NZT-48 Limitless pill. Cooper is able to learn languages, beat the stock market and basically act like a superman when he’s on the drug, when he gets off of NZT, he crashes. A few other supplement companies have looked to cash in on the movies success and public interest by creating their own “NZT” nootropic pills. Take this pill and you can be just like Bradley Cooper and dominate life!


The fantasy or infatuation with Limitless and NZT are based around the abilities gained with effort exerted.
Naturally we’re all interested in getting the maximum results with minimum amount of effort.
Why do you think so many people play the lottery every day?
Recently there’s been a lot more hype around smart drugs because of the TV Show Limitless on CBS starring Jake Donovan.
Somehow they even paid Bradley Cooper enough money to make a few guest appearances on the show as well!
It was a similar premise as the movie except Brian Finch was taking NZT-48 (the limitless pill) and using his profound abilities of memory and intelligence to solve crimes with the FBI.  If you were really the smartest person in the world, there are so many more fun things you could be doing than just going out and solving crime every day.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately the TV show was cancelled after just one season. It did however make it a full 22 episodes.


Where can you buy The Limitless Pill NZT online?


 We get this question all of the time at Natural Stacks.
Unfortunately, a real “NZT-48” pill doesn’t exist. Expecting one of the copies that you buy online to be ANYTHING like the real thing is crazy. This is no different than a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans or cold glass of butter beer from the world of Harry Potter. Just fantasy.
The different Limitless styled smart drugs I have been able to find online make outrageous claims without backing it up with any real science.
Even worse, most of them don’t even list how much of each ingredient are inside of their capsules.


The truth about Limitless Pill:


There have been numerous comparisons of NZT to Modafinil or Provigil, a drug commonly prescribed for individuals with narcolepsy.
Modafinil is regarded by many (including Rolling Stone) as the smart drug the movie was based around.
This “smart drug” was made popular by the likes of Dave Asprey, The Bulletproof Executive, who called it one of his favorite nootropics to take.
It’s important to note that cognitive benefits of modafinil are off-label and to take Provigil requires a doctor’s prescription.
There are also other options like racetams or noopept.
In the end, a real “NZT-48” pill is just a fantasy made to sell movies. Meanwhile a lot of shady companies have created knockoff products as well.
Now that CBS has gone ahead and created a Limitless TV show, there should be a huge increase in demand for NZT and overall interest for cognitive enhancers.
The answer is… yes you can improve your focus, memory and motivation by using supplements.
You just can’t do it with NZT-48.


Ready to get more from your brain?


Getting started using Nootropics can be daunting, but with a little guidance, anyone can get started quickly and safely.
If you aren’t sure where to begin, we recommend trying CILTEP®, a natural nootropic featuring a patented, open-source formula for optimal mental performance.



2 responses to “Pills like the Movie Limitless!”

  1. Tom Bonar says:

    I like your article and find smart drugs and nootropics very interesting! I myself have watched this movie Limitless a few times and I am fascinated about the idea that there could be smart drugs on the market that can enhance your mind. Can you tell me which smart drug or nootropics you prefer? I appreciate your input!

    • Erik says:

      Hi Tom, thank you for your interest! I don’t think there is really one particular smart drug that can make you become super smart like in the movie Limitless. However, there are certain brain supplements that you can see on my site that I prefer more than others and I also think Modafinil along with caffeine pills and brain supplements can enhance your memory and focus and make you concentrate much better. I think that as we establish more effective and better nootropics in the next few years, we will most likely see some new smart drugs hitting the market that will be a lot more powerful then the ones we have today. I do like however a combination of brain supplements with dopamine and caffeine pills along with modafinil that makes you boost your mental capabilities.

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