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How to stop the steady Aging of the Brain!

18 December 2020

How to stop the steady Aging of the Brain!

The secrets of your Brain:

The brain, in comparison with other human organs is the most dynamic, it develops throughout in life. For example, in the first years of life a child’s brain builds up to 1 000 000 new neuronal contacts. Once a child reaches six years of age, the volume of your brain increases 4 times. By that time the size of your brain is comparable to 90% of the adult brain.

At 35 years your brain is still developing your frontal lobe – a brain area responsible for planning, personal control and other organizational functions.

Age 39 years, your brain starts to age. Starting from this age the brain gradually decreases in volume by 10%. This is because the reduced density and weight of the gray matter.

The cells of the cortex of the brain die at a rate of approximately 85,000 neurons a day. If in the beginning of life our brain is compared externally with the normal walnuts, where convolutions adjacent to one another, then in old age the brain resembles a wrinkled, dried-up walnut.

But the size as such is not indicative of the level of opportunity, otherwise, for example, the sperm whale, with fifteens brain would be the most reasonable on the planet.

In addition to lower gray matter density there is a decrease in density of cerebral white matter — nerve fibers, carrying out the interaction of brain hemispheres and the rapidity of information processing.

As a result, this process entails a drop in performance of mental activity. With age there is a decrease in the production dynamics of the chemical signal compounds and activities of dopamine, serotonin and other substances-mediators that are responsible for cellular functions and the movement of nerve impulses that leads straight to the deterioration of memory and cognitive function, creating difficulty with attention and can even cause the progression of depression.

In addition to all the “ills” reduces the amount of secretion in the pineal gland — the brain — melatonin (or sleep hormone). For this reason, the elderly are beset with such an unpleasant phenomenon as insomnia.

Experts believe that aging is a disease and should be considered with this position. Glad scientists are of the opinion that people are genetically implement a kind of “software death”, and mutations in neurons and cells constitute the natural law of the alternation of generations. But the overall slim and clear theories in gerontology does not exist yet.

So how can it be?

Is it possible to keep the clarity and agility of mind in his declining years?

First rule: revision of the diet. It is proven that a stable intake of omega-3 fatty acids, provokes a rise of glutathione, creating a protection to the brain nervous tissue and is a prevention of the Alzheimer’s disease. If we talk about vegetables, the Champions of the contents of the specified compounds are asparagus and broccoli.

• Fascination with caffeinated drinks promotes the leaching of magnesium (Mg) from the body and this trace mineral helps to prevent the destruction of brain synapses, therefore, taking magnesium supplements help to slow aging of the brain.

A high percentage of lutein in the organism of elderly persons (sources of the substance — spinach, cabbage, avocado) helps maintain nervous reactions.

• Below the body were synthesized melatonin, tryptophan is necessary, and the specified amino acid contain buckwheat, beans, walnuts, bananas, pharmacy chamomile, Valerian.

• In the complex of measures on prevention of degradation processes of the brain necessarily included physical activity.

• Practice shows that those leading a dynamic way of life, it is able to increase the intellectual capacity of his own brain in the age group of after 50 and even older.

The best type of exercise for the young brain is any dancing. The point is that, unlike run, walk, dance involves the ongoing work of the brain for movement, rhythm and melodies. There is a powerful concentration, but the more difficult task “overcomes” the brain, the more it slows down the aging process.

• Elderly persons who lead an active social life, attending various clubs, groups, companies with the same interests, have a high-quality memory and strong nervous system.

They will not stop in its development, which at their age is extremely important. The brain is also a body, and he’s perfectly amenable to training. Learning languages, playing musical instruments, solving puzzles, watching movies, reading, and other intellectual work help to create new neural connections in the brain, keeping time to his inevitable aging.

• A positive thinking mind helps to slow brain aging and raise your cognitive function, plus lots of physical exercise and taking antioxidants.

• Friendship and friendly interaction between people makes it possible to reduce the rate of aging of the brain. A special study, which investigated how memory works in older people, having enough friends and not-communicative elderly.

The experiment involved 31 people in the age group 80-96 years with good cognitive abilities and 19 age-matched with the average level of brain activity. Subjects were asked to remember and name 15 objects that they were shown. In the end it turned out that the members of the 1st group significantly better coped with the task.

In the end, the subjects filled out the questionnaire. For example, they answered questions about their social contacts, the attitude towards themselves and the world, about life goals. As a result, the team has developed a pattern: the more friends they had to communicate with, the more efficiently they completed the task.

The researchers found that clarity of the mind depends on a number of factors: lifestyle, diet, activity, an indicator of social contacts and attitude to his own person. Live a full, busy life, do things you love, make friends, be open to new things, do not lose interest in the world. Love yourself, grow, in spite of age and then the intellectual fading you will not be afraid.


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