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What is Modafinil? Enter the World of Smart Drugs!

20 August 2020

What is Modafinil? Enter the World of Smart Drugs!


Most of us have seen the film, Limitless with Bradley Cooper in the lead, where he goes from being a depressed writer with chronic writers block to a wonder kid of enormous proportions where he writes books in four days, learn several new languages in a few weeks and control the stock market by applying advanced pattern recognition. Beautiful women line up to get his attention and renowned businessmen suddenly wants to work with him. In short, the Limitless-drug — with the formal and by the way fictional name NZT-48 — gifts Eddie Morra with a new and drastically improved life.
The idea of a drug such as NZT has since 2011, when the film was released, created a mainstream interest among the masses, which has sent the demand for smart drugs through the roof. The only problem, though, is that no smart drugs with similar effect such as NZT exists.

So what is Modafinil?

You probably have already heard about Modafinil, or maybe you haven’t, either way I will tell you
Modafinil was created as a medical helper for people who suffer from narcolepsy. If you suffer from narcolepsy you suffer from the inability to stay awake throughout the day without suddenly fall asleep. Perhaps you’ve already figured out that Modafinil has an invigorating effect that ensures narcoleptics can have a somewhat functional and normal everyday life but what if you don’t suffer from narcolepsy, but still take Modafinil? This question has some people at some point asked themselves, which obviously led to an experiment. The result of the experiment was that Modafinil has a number of benefits with a general conclusion being that you simply become a better and upgraded version of yourself. The benefits include improved cognitive function, increased focus ,increased motivation, increase in productivity and general higher quality of life.

This of course has resulted in a widespread and ever-increasing popularity among the general population. Modafinil is therefore not an unknown drug on a global scale. Alone in the United States, it is estimated that more than 20% of students have experimented with Modafinil, which is why it is probably safe to say that a large number of students are using Modafinil as a continuous aid in scoring a high GPA.

Modafinil has actually existed since the late 70’s, which is why we have a significant track record that makes it somewhat legitimate, although not conclusive, to say that this drug doesn’t hold potential debilitating side effects in the long run. The truth is that Modafinil is hardly associated with any side effects at all. The only common side effect is headache, which is relatively rare (around11% experience it).
It is important to note that the effect of Modafinil correlates with your general mood. This means that if you have a really good day, then Modafinil works really well. On the other hand, if you have a shitty day, and yes it is possible even on Modafinil, the effect is reduced.

After 2 years my personal experience with nootropics and Modafinil has been an amazing trip. I have seen nothing but positive results, my mood has improved, I am more focus and alert, I am able to handle task better, I perform better, I feel more motivated, I can concentrate better, I feel more confident and procrastination is a word from the past!


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